Haunted Newcastle Upon Tyne

Ghosts and Apparitions in Northeast England’s Largest CityParanormal activity has been sighted in the Newcastle area at various places such as the Castle Keep, Theater Royal, Tyne Theatre and Denton Hall.

Newcastle is rich in history and has endured turbulent times through wars and invasions. Some people died an unexpected and violent death so their spirits remain on earth. Others have unfinished business. Whatever the reason, Newcastle is alive with ghosts and unexplained phenomena.

Castle Keep Newcastle

The most famous ghost is nicknamed “the Poppy Girl”. It is believed that a flower girl was sent to prison because she owed money. While incarcerated, she was raped and beaten to death by the male prisoners. Her apparition has been seen on the stairs plus the aroma of flowers has been detected.

During an overnight ghost hunt at the Castle Keep, paranormal activity was brisk. Chanting was heard in the Chapel, footsteps were heard but no figures were seen. An unknown lady was spotted in the Queen’s Chamber. Many of the investigators felt hands touching them and intermittent cold spots. Mists would come and go. One person photographed a four foot high black mass. When the picture was developed, a figure could be seen.

Denton Hall Newcastle

Nicknamed “Silky” or “Old Barberry”, this old lady has been seen talking to visitors. She has also been spotted on the grounds at night chasing the local kids away from the apple trees. The name “silky” comes from the noise made from the rustling of the silk robe of the ghost.

Tyne Theatre Newcastle

Patrons have been pushed by a spirit passing by. It is believed that it’s the ghost of an actor who was killed when a stage prop fell and landed on him. It is reported that the actor has a favourite seat in the theatre and has been seen sitting in it. There is another ghost of a young lady who was being courted by an actor who was appearing at the theatre. Just before his last performance, the actor told the girl that he did not want to marry her. The distraught girl watched the play from the gallery of the theatre and reached out to try to touch him. She leaned too far and fell over the edge. She is known as the “Grey Lady of the Gallery”.

Willington Mill Newcastle

Built in the early 1800s, this mill has never been quiet, filled with ghostly activity. The family who lived in the adjoining house heard unexplainable sounds and footsteps on the upper floor which was vacant. Soon the noise escalated to bangs, whistling sounds, machinery running and audible voices. The mother had her bed lifted while she was sleeping and felt light cold pressure around her eyes. One night, visitors of the family witnessed a lady ghost dressed in grey who had no eyes.

Washington Old Hall South of Newcastle

The resident ghost is a lady wearing a long flowing grey dress. Sometimes she is seen crying and mostly visible to children. Employees who work at the hall have smelled lavender scented perfume in the stairways and main entrance. There have been sightings of a lady who watches wedding ceremonies that are conducted at the Great Hall.

Tynemouth Priory Newcastle

A ghost of a Viking named “Prior Olaf” has been spotted by many people. It is believed he was a raider who repented to the church for his involvement in looting and killing. Ghosts of monks have been seen praying at a stone on the graveyard.

St Nicholas Cathedral Newcastle

There have been reports of a knight who wanders around during the day and night. He seems to disappear when he walks by pillars and corners. The clanking of his armour can be heard.

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